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1500 KVA 50 Hz
PT 1500  
Engine Model 4012 TAG2 Perkins
Alternator Model LSA 50.1 VL10
Continuous Power 1200 KW / 1500 KVA
Standby Power 1320 KW / 1650 KVA
Prime / Standby bhp 1684 / 1853
Stroke 4
Nb. Of cylinders 12
Cylinder arrangement --
Bore x Stroke 160 x 190 mm
Swept Volume 45.842 Ltrs
Combustion System Direct Injection
Aspiration Turbo Air To Air After Cooled
Governor Electronic
Electrical System 24 Volts
Engine Oil Capacity 177.6 Ltrs
Total Coolant Capacity 230 Ltrs
Fuel Consumption 208 Ltrs / hr
Fuel Tank Capacity Supplied Separate
Alternator Voltage Regualtion ± 0.5%
Shipping Dimensions Length 512.2 cm
Width 225.5 cm
Height 274.9 cm
Weight 7870 Kg


The ratings represent the Engine capabilities within - + 5% at NTP conditions equivalent to those specified in ISO3046,BS5514,DIN 6271, and subject to duration under extreme environmental conditions .


Perkins multi cylinder, 4 stroke, water cooled diesel engine complete with electric starter, starter solenoid relay, battery charge alternator replaceable fuel, oil and air filters, primary water separator, fuel lift pump, sensors connection for low lub oil pressure, high coolant temperature, sump drain tap, loose supplied industrial exh. silencer.


Set mounted tropical radiator core design suitable for 50oc max T° air inlet with engine driven cooling fan and fan guard.


Heavy duty lead acid batteries complete with battery rack and connecting cables.


Leroy Somer, single bearing, brushless, synchronous, self excited, self regulated, screen protected, drip proof enclosure IP21 and IP23 temperature rise class H, and insulation class H. -Line to line voltage wave form distortion is < 3%.


Engine and alternator are directly coupled through disc coupling.

Base frame

Set mounted on heavy duty steel base frame with anti-vibration oil proof Rubber mounts between gen-set & base.

Fuel tank

Separate daily fuel tank can be supplied loose as an option complete with filler cap & drain plug and fuel indicator

Control Panel

Set mounted control panel complete with one AC ammeter with selector switch, frequency meter, hour run meter, one AC voltmeter with selector switch, electrical oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, battery voltmeter manual key start, automatic shutdown device with indication lamps for LOP/HWT, molded case circuit breaker.


Each genset is extensively inspected and tested under full load conditions prior to dispatch.

Painted Finish

The diesel engine comes with original black, the alternator with original yellow, the base in black, control panel & circuit breaker enclosure in yellow.

Technical documents

Instruction manuals for the Engine/Alternator as well as use and maintenance of the generating set supplied with each unit.



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